Activision: 'Guitar Hero: Aerosmith' Does Not Signal Shift To Single-Band Approach For Franchise

Just filed a story for about the "Guitar Hero: Aerosmith" game coming to PS3, XBox 360, PS2 and Wii this June.

I wanted to highlight a couple of things:

The game won't be as hardcore tough as "Guitar Hero III"...

"We went back and re-tuned the game so it was back to where people felt it needed to be," producer Aaron Habibipour said. That doesn't mean the game has been dramatically altered — "medium is not the old easy" — but the developers listened to "GH III" players who felt like the game might have had too many brick walls for casual fans.

The future of "Guitar Hero" is not only in games focused on a single band...

Centering a game on the band made sense, Habibipour said, but he clarified that band-specific "Guitar Hero" games do not represent the sole future of the franchise. "It's its own path," he said. Band-specific "GH" games and full "GH" sequels can co-exist, he said, in parallel paths of development.

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