Game Diary - April 17, 2008

FFVII: Crisis CoreOn Wednesday I...

  • Started "Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core" and had a very poor initial impression, which I will detail more tomorrow. (OK. One thing can't be held back: Is there a "Final Fantasy" that has a lead character who doesn't whine? Have they made that yet?)

  • Finished "God of War: Chains Of Olympus" after experiencing...

The Official Stages Of Tough "God Of War" Boss-Battling:

1) eager first attempt

2) pathetic second, third, fourth attempt

3) doubt that I can ever get past the boss

4) anger at the developers for making it so hard to pass the finish line after all the progress I had made in the game

5) hope that like other "God of War" games it would offer me the chance to drop down in difficulty

6) disappointment/cheer that it didn't do that

7) blinding rage that the pre-boss-battle cut-scene is unskippable EVERY TIME

8 ) finally a breakthrough in recognizing the boss's pattern

9) victory.

  • Got most of my goblin army burned to death in "Overlord."

  • Played several EA Casual games at a press event, including the mobile versions of "Scrabble," "Merv Griffin's Crosswords," and "Boom Blox." Also played the Wii version of a multi-platform game that I can't talk about until next week. While playing the mobile "Scrabble" game I learned that "MALER" is not a word. You know, as in "more male than you" -- doesn't count. Really.

Next: I hopefully find my PS3 power cord so I can play that system again. And I will try to play "Crisis Core" and like it at the same time.