See How 'Grand Theft Auto IV' Has Invaded New York City

gtaiv-niko-door-281.jpgOn the left is a painting of "Grand Theft Auto IV" protagonist Niko Bellic spotted in a doorway in Brooklyn.

How'd it get there?

A popular song about New York begins, "Start spreading the news..."

And that's just what Rockstar has done, across New York City.

With Rockstar's headquarters located in New York and the new game set in a city almost identical to the Big Apple, I spotted a few pieces of guerilla marketing for "GTA IV."

Have a look at more sightings below (and click the images to see a bigger version).


Niko sighting last week on N. 5th Street and Bedford Ave. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (The doorway is painted.)


A close-up of the "Wanted" posters.


Sighting from the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway on the Manhattan-bound side last Saturday.


All aboard the Rockstar train...


This picture was taken about a year ago on Canal and Greene Street in downtown Manhattan.