R.T.F.A.* Tuesday: Our Links Are Your Links

wiifit.jpgWith "Wii Fit"'s release date finally announced for May 19th, I can finally begin counting down the days until I start shedding the pounds. It's kind of like New Years, except I have no plans of going on a diet. Imagine if the wonderful folks at Valve put out a version of "Portal" for the Wii Balance Board where the goal was to make it all the way to the cake, but this time, the cake wouldn't actually be a lie. A gamer can dream can't he?

And now for today's round of links:

Stephen's Pick:

Tresling: Someone combines "Tetris" and Arm-Wrestling and I think they are joking. But with video proof, maybe they're not?

Jason's Pick:

The Retro Gaming Store Map!: If you've ever had trouble finding a copy of "E.V.O.: The Search For Eden" this Google map might help. It'll point you in the direction of your closest retro video game store. [Via Destructoid]

Patrick's Pick:

Clive Barker's "Midnight Meat Train" Getting Theatrical Release: Even though "Jericho" wasn't a particularly good game, Clive Barker is a fascinating horror author with a vivid (and disturbing) imagination. The latest adaptation of a Barker story comes out this year.

Tracey's Pick:

Wiimorse: While Cip is excited for "Wii Fit," The Escapist's Adam LaMosca admits to having a case of buyer's remorse as his Wii collects dust.