'Ninja Gaiden II' Update To My Update

Ninja Gaiden IIYesterday, I wrote about my hands-on time with the June Xbox 360 exclusive "Ninja Gaiden II" and did some pondering.

Since then, I heard back from a PR person working on the game who did some clarifying.

Two points:

  1. The "Kurosawa" black-and-white film grain filter I liked so much won't be called a "Kurosawa" filter in the final game. Look for that visuals option in the finished product, but not by that name.
  2. I speculated that an in-game movie screen in the game's first level would be able to play any gamer's captured video clips -- essentially tapping into that YouTube-style Ninja Cinema feature. It won't be able to do that. Ninja Cinema capture will be available, but won't sync to in-game screens. From the game's spokesperson: "The videos in these in-game videos are not interchangeable. They are currently being selected by [the game's developers] Team Ninja and the ones that we see will likely be replaced by generic trailers." Okay, Team Ninja, you better pick some cool clips.

Still seems like it may be a cool game, no?