R.T.F.A. Tuesday: A Sign Of Things To Come

genantari.jpgWith another Monday behind us, we look towards Tuesday and its magical, embargo-lifting powers for exciting gaming news. Today the Nintendo Media Summit embargo ends, and later on Multiplayer's own Patrick Klepek is giving everyone that wasn't there a taste of things to come. In the meantime, enjoy today's link selection:

Jason's Pick:

The Super Genintari 4-in-One Console: It's what happens after an Atari 2600, SNES, Genesis, and NES have one wild night together.

Tracey's Pick:

Cluttered desktop folders become art: My desktop is disgusting. If only I had the patience to arrange my folders into a dinosaur or "Space Invaders" (or to actually just put some things in the Recycle Bin).

Stephen's Pick:

The Co-Op Game Bill Of Rights: Microsoft's Andre Vrignaud lists the musts and the would-be-nices of co-op gaming. Flexible save points, persistent parties, easy ways to communicate. He doesn't say fist-pounding is mandatory, but he does say that being able to switch to your co-op partner's camera view (with permission) would be nice. Agreee?

Patrick's Pick: 

Yuri's Night 2008: If you were in the San Francisco area this weekend (sadly, I wasn't), you could have celebrated the anniversary of the first human to go into space and seen both Will Wright speak and Freezepop perform.