Xbox 360 Motion Controller Update -- Blogger Who Said Bungie Was Going Solo Reports Further Details

Xbox 360 Motion ControllerWhen we broke the first details about Microsoft's currently-in-development motion controller (and showed a sketch), we knew it would signal other reporters to start digging, too.

Jacob Metcalf, the same writer who revealed Bungie Studios would be going independent, contacted MTV Multiplayer about his own findings on Microsoft's controller.

Multiplayer does not usually report on the findings of other reporters, but the similarities to our own report -- including specific, unknowable details we chose to withhold from the original filing for various reasons -- confirm our belief that Metcalf has encountered the same prototype revealed on MTV News.

In addition to confirming bits of our report, Metacalf examined the technology patents from a company called Gyration. Gyration's motion patents power Nintendo's Wiimote and, allegedly, Microsoft's, upcoming controller, too.

"Legally Microsoft is not ripping off Nintendo but rather licensing the technology from the same place that Nintendo got it," explains Metacalf. "For an example the 'Guitar Hero' and 'Rock Band' controllers both use the same patent that is owned by Konami that they developed for Guitar Freaks."

Metcalf's unnamed sources discussed our proposed late 2008 release timetable for the controller and Rare's connections with the project.

Skepticism, naturally, was high after we filed our story on Microsoft's motion controller.

But no one believed Metcalf could possibly have been right about Bungie, either.

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