The Week In Multiplayer -- PS3's Mandatory Installs, So Long Sixaxis, Gamerscore Cheater Confesses, 'Ninja Gaiden' Interview And 'Ecco' FTW

ecco-with-caption1.jpgDespite a noisy "Rock Band" session being held outside in Times Square, we got some work done. Check it out:

* No one's surprised: Sony's Sixaxis controller is discontinued.

* We go behind the mystery of the PS3's mandatory hard drive installations, and it causes quite a stir. And while we're at it, we ask, "What has WiiConnect24 done for us lately?"

* An Xbox 360 gamerscore cheater 'fesses up and told us why he did it.

* Stephen Totilo talked to "Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Swords" producer Yosuke Hayashi, who revealed that the game is good enough for his mom.

* To trilogy or not to trilogy? Silicon Knights justifies why "Too Human" will be a threesome; BioWare explains the same for "Mass Effect."

* CroTilo's Vs. Mode on "Patapon" concludes with an argument about grinding in games.

* See the newest PSN games -- "WipEout HD," "Echochrome" and "Elefunk" -- in action. Patrick Klepek gave us his "WipEout HD" impressions.

* For once, the judges and the readers agree: Ecco the Dolphin is the greatest aquatic animal in video games.

* The NPD found the Xbox 360 to be the most used console for online gaming. But #2 and #3? The PS2 and Wii. Yep, PS-two.

* In his quest to find "Tetris DS," Patrick Klepek found that analysts said games only have "a few months" to succeed while EA, the maker of annual sports games, thinks a game's life cycle is increasing.

* In this week's "Direct from SF," Klepek hits the Chinatown gaming scene.

* We don't review games. Just their cover art.

* New to the ballpark? Don't worry: Jason Cipriano offered help in deciding which MLB game is right for you.

* Meet the man behind the "Call of Duty 4" rap song.

* "Super Smash Bros." creator ponders the lack of new Nintendo characters.

* DLC on NES? Meet the Glider from Retrozone.

* Trying to make money off selling games? $500,000 is reasonable, right? Right??

* Do you know your console packaging? Do you, really? Take our fun photo quiz.