Mission Failure: My PSP And 'Metal Gear' Fail To Reach Antarctica

Thanks For Nothing, Pete WentzFile this under "What Could Have Been." Two Saturdays ago, I entrusted MTV News reporter James Montgomery with my PSP and a copy of "Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops."

His mission was to take my PSP with him to Antarctica, where he would shadow the band Fall Out Boy's attempt to set a world record for touring on all seven continents within a nine-month stretch.

James was going to use "MGS:PO"'s Wi-Fi soldier-recruiting function that I used over a year ago in Georgia and in Rockstar Games HQ to fetch what may well have been the first "Metal Gear" warrior ever recruited from the Antarctic. And I was going to have this soldier on my PSP! Mine... all mine!

But then the weather got bad and James and the band were stuck in Chile. For a week. James returned my PSP to me this morning. Mission Failure.

Let's blame global warming. Or James. Or Fall Out Boy.

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