Take-Two: 'BioShock' MMO And Movie Are 'Potential Opportunities'

BioShockTake-Two chairman Strauss Zelnick, speaking at the 2008 Smid Cap Conference today, is explaining why his company is rejecting EA's offer to purchase the company for $26/share. In the process, he is detailing Take-Two developers' past successes, current projects and future opportunities.

Gamers, let me direct you to slide 24 of Zelnick's presentation, "Potential Untapped Opportunities."

  • Next to "MMOG/Online Gaming" we've got "Civilization" and "BioShock" listed under the column "Potential Take-Two Opportunities.

  • Next to "Traditional Media (Film/DVD)" we've got "BioShock" as a "Potential Take-Two Opportunity."


So... should those opportunities remain untapped, "BioShock" and "Civ" fans? Or do you want Take-Two to tap away?