'Bully' Xbox 360 Patch Still Missing, Progress Update Coming Tomorrow

BullyI played about an hour of Rockstar Games' "Bully" two weeks ago before reading reports of gamers experiencing a variety of game-crashing glitches. I put my playing on hold.

Rockstar quickly responded to Internet reports and promised a patch was coming "within a week." A week would have been last Friday, the 14th. As of today, there's still no patch.

On Monday, I contacted Rockstar about the whereabouts of the patch. As of this writing, Rockstar still doesn't have one, as the patch is currently sitting in Microsoft's Xbox Live certification queue. Rockstar said they will have a "broad worldwide announcement" tomorrow morning.

Does that mean the patch is actually coming tomorrow morning? Not necessarily.

In the past, I've noticed that companies have a difficult time pinning down a specific date for when anything will pass through certification, so Rockstar's response isn't particularly surprising. They may not know yet themselves.

As soon as there's more to report, we'll pass it on.