Eighty People Dressed As Video Game Characters -- Can You Name Them All? [UPDATED]

guinness2-1.jpg[UPDATED: Much larger image of group shot now clickable below. Test you identification skills!]

Tallest man. Heaviest twins. Person with the longest, curliest finger nails. Those are the Guinness Book of World Records my friends and I were fascinated by in middle school.

But that was years before the publication of the new "Guinness World Record Gamer's Edition 2008," which has records that are allegedly more relevant to me. Allegedly. To celebrate the launch of the book, the Guinness people bore witness yesterday morning to the Largest Gathering of Games Characters. The gathering occurred on the Millennium Bridge in London.

Eighty cos-players attended. A new world record, as witnessed by the record-keepers at Guinness, who provided some photographic proof.

Look below for the big group shot. Can you name all the costumes on display?

Photos: Andy Paradise / Guinness World Records


Click this image for a much larger version

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