'Fable 2' Morality Experiments, Plus How Bad Men Can Attract Women (video)

Later this week (hopefully Wednesday) I'll post a full transcript of a recent interview I did with Peter Molyneux about "Fable 2," unusual ideas for mini-games, the fate of in-game orphans, lessons learned from "BioShock" and the usual array of fascinating stuff that comes from chats with gaming's most quotable developer.

Today, watch a sneak peek: a portion of our chat about morality, with a bonus discussion of attracting women even while being a jerk.

As with all MTV.com videos, it is not available to anyone using computers with IP addresses in Japan, the U.K. and Canada (sorry Peter!).

Here’s an excerpt for people who can’t watch the video:

Molyneux: In conceptual terms good and evil is a very clear, well-defined and well-understood thing which is great when you're designing a game. If you're good ,it's all about sacrifice and care. And if you're evil, it's all about being selfish and uncaring.

The way it turns out is, rather than just going for the polarity of killing things is evil and saving things is good, we've mixed that up. That's why we've introduced a few other scales, purity and corruption being one of them.

Cruelty and kindness is a really interesting one. Now you would naturally say, "Kindness, that's good. Cruelty is evil." Well actually if you've got a child ... to my son, when I say to him, "You can't have a chocolate bar two minutes before you go to bed," he looks at me a says, "Daddy, you're so cruel." Well I'm actually being kind. That's what's really interesting.