Take-Two: New 'Civilization' Will 'Never' Come To PC

Civilization RevolutionI own a PC. I like PC games. But as I said yesterday, the "Civilization" series simply isn't up my alley. It's why "Civilization Revolution"'s streamlined approach clicks.

But what if I've tired of the players in the lobbies of Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. We've heard the complaints before. What if I want "Civilization Revolution" on my PC? Unfortunately, a producer at 2K Games says it's "never" going to happen.

He repeated the word "never" twice when I asked, actually.

They must really mean it. But why?

"This is not a PC game," said producer Jason Bergman to Multiplayer. "It's been designed as a console game. It's very, very different from 'Civ[ilization] 4' and we don't want it to be looked at as 'Civ[ilization] 5.' We don't want people to think that this is meant to replace the existing 'Civ' games. This is a totally different game, created exclusively for consoles. It is never coming to PC."

And it's not because Firaxis don't have the manpower or technical hang-ups. The prototype for "Civilization Revolution" originated on the PC, but the interface was created from day one to be manipulated with a gamepad in the player's hands. "There was never a mouse interface; it was always designed around a controller," continued Bergman.

Last week, 2K showed "Civilization Revolution" to the San Francisco-based media (we had a separate demo a few days later at 2K's offices). Bergman said a common question was over enabling keyboard and mouse support in the PlayStation 3 version. Microsoft doesn't allow the feature, but Sony's had no problem with it; look at "Unreal Tournament 3," for example.

Bergman's rationale is simple. "…the answer is no, because why would you need to? The game has not been designed for that [controller]; we would have to make a new interface for that. People sort of assume it's the other way around, like it is with the PC RTSs that are ported. This is not a port, this is an entirely new game."

While "Civilization Revolution" on the PC appears to be out, reading between the lines, Bergman seems to be suggesting a "Civilization 5" is in the cards, as well.

Readers, what would you prefer: "Civilization Revolution" on PC or "Civilization 5" on PC? Could you handle both? I think I just blew your mind.

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