Steve Wiebe Makes Another Run At 'Donkey Kong' Champ Billy Mitchell, Comes Close

Steve WiebeIf you haven't seen last year's documentary "The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters" (or read Stephen Totilo's series of stories from last year), turn off the computer and track down a copy (it's on DVD) right now. You're missing out.

For folks already keenly aware of the ongoing score battle between "Donkey Kong" rivals Steve Wiebe and Billy Mitchell, and rooting for the game's "good guy," I have some bad news.

Twin Galaxies, the organization that keeps record of video game high scores, monitored a match between the two in Las Vegas last week. Despite Wiebe's multiple attempts to topple Mitchell's oh-so-close high score, he couldn't.

Wiebe wasn't under the scrutiny of a documentary lens this time, but it was still, you know, Vegas. "Possibly the biggest challenges Steve had to overcome were the loud nightclub music, the chaotic environment and the late hours," said Twin Galaxies' referee Walter Day on the Guinness World Records website.

To date, the high scores of Wiebe and Mitchell remain only 1,100 points from one another: Mitchell at 1,050,200 and Wiebe at 1,049,100. Wiebe's closest run in Vegas brought him to the infamous Donkey Kong kill screen -- but with only 929,800 points. His second run was far less successful; he died early on and stalled at 579,300 points.

Though "The King of Kong" pinned the duo as good vs. evil, both Wiebe and Mitchall appear to be basking in the fame that's come with the documentary's runaway success. During the event, Mitchell produced special bottles of his hot sauce to some of the 1,900 odd attendees, with a label reading "Steve Wiebe Attempts Donkey Kong World Record."

Better luck next time, Steve.

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