Do These Freshly-Baked Cakes Get You Excited For EA's 'Dead Space'?

Dead SpaceLater today I'll post an interview I did with Glen Schofield, executive producer for Electronic Arts' upcoming M-targeted Halloween space horror game "Dead Space."

We talked about how and why the game was made, how the creation of this game differs from most other EA games, what Schofield did to hook his bosses' interest and what the truth is behind that whole no-pause-button fiasco.

But first, let's look at some "Dead Space" cakes.

I know what you're thinking: Game cakes are supposed to be baked after a game comes out!

Well, sorry, but you thought wrong.

While describing to me just how tightly his team has bonded while creating "Dead Space," Schofield mentioned a hot-wings-eating contest (yawn) and a recent grossest-cakes-bake-off (really??). I politely requested photos and explanations. He provided me with two samples:

The "Dead Space" Cakes

(click images to enlarge)

Cake #1


Cake #1 Possible Inspiration

Dead Space Enemy With Weird Head

Cake #1 EA Explanation

Severed head cake: It plays to the gore and theme of dismemberment in the game. The head is actually a rubber decoration but that shouldn't downplay the difficulty of the cake! The cake is covered in fondant with a fondant saw blade. Vanilla cake with a "blood" berry sauce. The berry sauce went through the middle of the cake too - so it sort of looked like it bled when you cut close to the neck. This was done by Michael Condry.


Cake #2

Dead Space Ishimura Cake

Cake #2 Inspiration

Dead Space Ishimura Concept Art

Cake #2 EA Explanation

Ishi-smore-a: A recreation of the Ishimura....completely made out of smores! Liberal use of marshmallow for binding material and Pocky sticks for extra support. This was done by Jason Leong, our UI artist, and won fan favorite by a team vote.


There you go: the exclusive "Dead Space" game cakes. Never underestimate the news-breaking power of the MTV Multiplayer blog. And check in later for my chat with Schofield about the "Dead Space" game.