Insomniac’s Ted Price Pt 2 - Surfer Girl, Storytelling And 'Resistance' On A Handheld?

Resistance 2 (image via Gamespot)Earlier today I published the first part of my DICE summit interview with Insomniac Games president Ted Price. He talked about "Ratchet & Clank Future" and hinted at new intellectual properties.

In part two right here, we're talking gaming gossip Surfer Girl. And storytelling. And the pie-in-the-sky possibility of "Resistance" going handheld. Read on, then check back tomorrow morning for a conclusion that will please anyone curious about "Resistance 2."

Multiplayer: The Surfer Girl leak. How did you find out about it and what was your reaction to it?

Price: We find out about it through our guys finding it on the 'net. Our reaction was: it's unfortunate. It's unfortunate that whenever misinformation is published about a title -- It's just too bad, because it can spoil the experience for those who are fans of a franchise. Because you never know when that information is true or not. You're kind of left wondering until the game comes out or the first articles about the game come out… We just said, 'It's out. It's no big deal. We're going to keep focusing on making the game.

Multiplayer: She or he -- or whoever it is -- was putting up screenshots, right?

Price: There were a few things. There's some statements about the story and levels and things like that. There was a screenshot that was purportedly from multiplayer, which was whack.

Multiplayer: And it was not a real screenshot?

Price: I can't actually comment on that.

Multiplayer: Did you try to track down Surfer Girl? I would imagine you've got ways to figure out how this got out there and to figure out who this person is.

Price: I'd prefer to keep our actions there confidential.

Multiplayer: The "Ratchet" game got talked about a lot in regards to it having a little more emotional storytelling and emotional heft. My impression is that might even be a little bit of the direction that "Resistance" is going in, giving more story… Is that a conscious initiative at Insomniac to become more storytellers?

Price: Yeah, we see a great opportunity with the characters we've created to develop them more. With "Resistance 1" we had a third-person approach to storytelling and it definitely alienated some players and made them feel as though that weren't connecting as well with Hale. So with "Resistance 2" we're keeping the focus on Hale. The story is told 100% from his perspective and he himself has become a much more fleshed-out character. He goes through more of an evolution through the game and we'll se him also take charge more than he did in "Resistance 1." We enjoy that aspect of gaming and feel a lot more can be done with story.

Multiplayer: What do you look for inspiration do you look to for improving story in the game? How important is it for it to be integrated into the gameplay? Does it need to be part of gameplay?

Price: I've personally always been inspired by "Half-Life 2." I think they really set the standard way back a few years ago with in-game story-telling. We take some cues from them trying to improve more real-time relation of the story. Who else… "Uncharted." I think "Uncharted" did a fantastic job. It was the only story that kept me fully engaged all the way until the end. I thought "Call of Duty" had excellent story, despite the fact that it had multiple characters. It made you feel interested about what was going on.

Multiplayer: Is "Resistance" a series that, like "Ratchet," where you could see the potential to someday have it on a handheld?

Price: Sure. I think that's possible.

Multiplayer: As a first-person shooter?

Price: I think "Killzone" demonstrated that it doesn't have to be a first-person shooter. I think "Killzone: Liberation" was a fantastic game, but a very different game from the original. Anything is possible.

[Our Ted Price interview will conclude Thursday morning, with more on 60-player multiplayer "Resistance 2" stress tests and... "Killzone 2"]