Epic's Mark And CliffyB Explains What PC Gaming Alliance Means For Gamers -- 'Disarray' Dismissed

There was a time when PC gaming was in "disarray," or at least that's what I had been told back at DICE. And those comments is what has gotten many people riled up here and at Penny Arcade. But Cliff Bleszinski, the man who told me that just earlier this month, sat down with fellow Epic Games power player Mark Rein to tell me at GDC what the situation with PC gaming really is.

Specifically, they told me what the point of this whole PC Gaming Alliance is.

Rein: "Right now, if you have a laptop with integrated graphics and try to play our game, it doesn't play. Or if you're trying to play some games aren't capable of integrated graphics, they play terribly. So you just lose your interest in that. We don't want that. We want all these people buying laptops and reasonably priced PCs, to at least be able to be exposed to gaming. They can go out later and upgrade to something better, but let's at least give them a baseline experience."

Multiplayer: "Cliff, you buy it? PC gaming is back?"

Bleszinski: "Abso-frigging-lutely. The thing is, I think everybody coming together in that kind of way will essentially kind of help re-glue things back together and kind of help fix the market. I have a big PC gaming heritage and I love playing games with a keyboard and a mouse, as well as a console, and I'd just love to see it."