PlayStation 3 Head-Tracking -- No Gimmicks, No Glasses, Just A Camera (Watch this)

Johnny Lee, eat your heart out.

Some day gamers will be playing a PlayStation 3 first-person shooter and will simply lean your head to see around the corners. When that happens, you will likely be using the new head-tracking technology that was being demonstrated for the PlayStation 3's PlayStation Eye camera at GDC last week. I tried it out in the video above.

Unlike recent head-tracking video sensations, this clip shows a set-up that doesn't require strapping any Wii hardware to your head. Nor does it require fancy glasses, like this one made by a programmer from Sony.

No. This version requires just the official PS3 camera. And a person with a face and some mobility in their neck.

A Sony rep said the technology is not yet announced for any PS3 games, but if they were showing it at GDC, I assume it's ready to go. Okay, makers of "Killzone 2" and "Resistance 2," get cracking.

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