'Guitar Hero: Aerosmith' Announced -- Third Time Hopefully The Charm For Band's Video Game Ventures

aerosmith_281.jpg Confirming long standing rumors, Activision announced this morning that they're teaming with rock band Aerosmith to produce an entirely new "Guitar Hero" game dedicated solely to virtually playing along with their songs, titled simply "Guitar Hero: Aerosmith".

Typical of a "Guitar Hero" announcement, the track list is currently a secret, but the press release did name-drop "Don't Want to Miss a Thing," "Love in an Elevator," "Dream On," and "Sweet Emotion."

In fact, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 owners will have a chance to download a copy of "Dream On" for "Guitar Hero III" for free over Xbox Live and PlayStation Network from February 16-18.

“On a larger scale, it’s cool for us to be pioneers, helping to rebuild the music industry through a format like video games," said Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler in the press release. "It’s great for rock since the record companies are struggling to make sense of how things are changing. Fans want to get and experience music in new formats--and there are going to be some of them who will play the game, then pick up the guitar for real and start bands."

This isn't the band's first appearance in modern music games, either. The MTV Rhythm Game Track Finder shows that Aerosmith has had six songs spread across the "Guitar Hero," "Karaoke Revolution" and "Rock Band" franchises.

Neversoft, the same folks behind last fall's "Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock," is behind the Aerosmith, "Guitar Hero" collaboration. If you haven't yet upgraded to a PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 yet, no worries; "Guitar Hero: Aerosmith" is also coming to Wii (in stereo this time, we hope) and PlayStation 2, courtesy of Vicarious Visions and Budcat respectively. No word yet on a PC or Mac version.

"Guitar Hero: Aerosmith" drops on all platforms in June, but as we mentioned, this isn't the first time Aerosmith has invaded games, far from it. Certainly, you remember shooter classic "Revolution X"? No? Just a little?

Discover the breadth of Aerosmith's gaming journeys by reading on.

Aerosmith is probably best known for "Midway"'s light gun shooter "Revolution X." Our favorite moment comes only a few minutes into the adventure, which is about as much as we could take while revisiting the "classic."  Picture this: a club shoot-out involving hundreds of copy-cat thugs taking aim at the player suddenly climaxes with a heavily pixelated Aerosmith rocking out on stage for a crowd of zero, only to be rudely interrupted mid-song and kidnapped by the evildoers. Clearly, the player must put a stop to such madness.

Revolution X

This isn't the band's first stint with a guitar simulator, either. "Quest for Fame", released all the way back in 1995 by Virtual Music Entertainment, actually came bundled with a V-Pick. While the V-Pick wasn't quite as elaborate as the five-button "Guitar Hero" controller, the V-Pick detected motion and allowed players to strum along to different Aerosmith songs using just about anything shaped like a guitar -- a tennis racket, for example.


Don't believe us? Check out this video for undeniable, mid-90s CD-ROM quality video proof. We can only hope "Guitar Hero: Aerosmith" nears such greatness.