Exclusive: See A New 'LEGO Batman' Villain

harley281.jpgWhat do we know about "LEGO: Batman," the video game?

Other than the fact that it's coming from Traveller's Tales, the studio behind the "LEGO Star Wars" games -- the last two games I finished at 100 percent?

We know Batman is in it, in LEGO form. And Robin. And the Joker.

But did we know that the Joker's deranged psychiatrist Harley Quinn is? In LEGO form, of course.

We here at the MTV Multiplayer blog were notified of this by Warner Brothers earlier this week and have been authorized to exclusively show you proof.

This is what we've been told by Warner Brothers about the appearance of Dr. Harleen Quinzel's villainous alter-ego in the game:

In the "LEGO Batman" video game, Harley Quinn will have the ability to walk a tight rope, perform super jumps and bypass security for all levels with guards in security booths. Harley Quinn appears in the Fairgrounds Villain level as well as one additional level yet to be announced… stay tuned.

See below for an exclusive gallery of LEGO Harley Quinn in action alongside the LEGO Joker ...plus some new images of LEGO Batman and Robin and a LEGO crocodile! Or alligator....

harley-2.jpg harley-joker-1.jpg harley-joker-2.jpg harleyquinn1.jpg lb_screen_121_360.jpg lb_screen_66_360.jpg lb_screen_82_360.jpg lb_screen_117_360.jpg lb_screen_114_360.jpg batman_newpose.jpg robin_newpose.jpg