A New, Better Way To Insult Bad Video Games

Yannis Mallat At DICEWhat's your favorite way to insult a bad video game?

Do you refer to it as a "flop"? A "failure"? Or use some language your mother wouldn't approve?

Do you "7.9" it as IGN famously did years ago with "Mario Kart: Double Dash" (though they insisted that was a decent score). Do you declare it a "6.8" as GameSpot once did "Shenume" before re-evaluating that game's merits?

Do you just call it a dud? Or tell others it's time to bail out?

Then you, my friend, are not Yannis Mallat, CEO of Ubisoft Montreal. He's got a better way of trashing junk.

Mallat gave a presentation at the DICE video game summit in Las Vegas last week. Some may have found his discussion about the need for more emotions in games to be the most significant part of his presentation. Others may have been moved by his display of a clip from "Bambi."

Not I. I was taken in by his casual description of bad games. He was comparing them to "triple-A games." He called these lower games, these mediocrities, these wastes of business and time... "triple-C games."

"Triple C."

I hope that is not trademarked by Ubisoft. Because I plan to use it.