The Week In Multiplayer -- The Best Video Game Horse, 'Burnout' Vs. Mode, Game Of The Game Of The Year

fullofawesomeandwin.jpg* Our all-star panel of judges -- Ken Levine, Mike "Gabe, Krahulik, Leigh Alexander and Tofuburger -- chose video game's best horse. See who they picked and which equine won the most reader votes.

* Stephen Totilo and N'Gai Croal go at it again in the new Vs. Mode. This week, they discussed "Burnout: Paradise." Check out Round One, where Totilo goes in a hater. In Round Two, he thinks it could be the new "Animal Crossing" and in Round Three, Croal wrote about the possibilities of a "World of Burnout" and a "Little Big Burnout."

* Sure, a bunch of outlets picked "Game of the Year" in 2007, but what about "Game Of The Game Of The Year"? We round up a bunch of gaming outlets' top choices to determine which game really won.

* I ask the makers of gamer-enchancement pill "FpsBrain" about their product, and I also got a dietitian to check out the ingredients.

* "Mass Effect" critic Cooper Lawrence backs down after attacking the game's sexual content on Fox News.

* How old is old enough for games? Last week, two moms weighed in but this week, two dads had their say. Read why one dad thinks the pleasure in "Pain" is disturbing and how another appreciates the saga of Solid Snake.

* I ask, "Why can't I be me in a video game?"

* How much do you play your Wii? No, really. How much? Totilo and Jason Cipriano give us their Wii true confessions.

* Totilo talked about the games he saw when he was a judge for the Independent Games Festival.

* EA and Marvel parted ways. So who should pick up the pieces and make the next Marvel fighting game? Cipriano gave us his list of potential game-makers.

* Totilo told us about his latest gaming fantasy (and no, it doesn't involve humpback whales): "Halo 3" Custom Campaign Scoring. He also pondered unusual music selection in games like "Endless Ocean," "Getting Up" and "Portal."

* The past few months, Cipriano has been telling us what games he's playing in his "Super Smash Bros." Achievement quest. Well this week, he gave us a list of all the games he's ignored along the way... all 118 of them.

* This week's MTV Rhythm Game Trackfinder update includes more from "Dance Dance Revolution," "Karaoke Revolution," "Guitar Hero III," "Rock Band" and more.