'Halo 3' Custom Campaign Scoring - My Latest Unfulfilled Fantasy

Halo 3 With Scoring Turned OnDid you ever wonder if a hop in "Halo" should be worth 50 points?


Well I did. I've been pondering that since September, trying to figure out just how many points a hop should be worth.

I was thinking about it after playing a session of the "Halo 3" campaign with its special scoring feature turned on, and after being shown "Halo 3"'s level-creating tool Forge by Bungie writer Luke Smith. Campaign scoring -- which turned a standard co-op session of "Halo 3" into a competitive, numbers-based affirmation of each player's performance -- was cool. It helped prove when I was doing the heavy-lifting while my co-op buddy was goofing off. Forge, however, was intimidating.

I knew I wasn't ever going to use Forge to make the next great multiplayer arena. I can't do that. But I do like the idea of having a little creative input and cooked up my idea of "Halo 3" Custom Campaign Scoring.

So I suggested to Luke and am now suggesting to the world that Bungie expands the idea of Forge -- the notion that the ingredients of "Halo 3" are tweak-able -- and introduce custom scoring. Hey, Bungie, let the players set the point values for every action in the game.

It's fine for Bungie to designate point totals for every action, but why must that be the only way to play?

Don't you tell me how many points it should be worth to take down a Scorpion, hijack a Banshee or melee a brute. How about I tell you? Maybe when we play a game that I set up all of the sniper shots will be worth 100 points and everything else will be worth 10. Or maybe killing will be only 10 point each. But jumping will be 50 points per hop.

Imagine how this could change the game, how each player's rule-set could re-invent the "Halo" campaign experience.

Luke hasn't sent me word yet that this idea is going to be included in a "Halo 3" update. But come on, man. It's good stuff!

Is anyone with me? Or is this like the time I called for "Okami" Wii to be shorter?