I Did The 'Audiosurf,' The 'Fret Nice," And Explored A 'World Of Goo' -- My Independent Games Judging

IGF Finalist

(Below is the beginning of my latest GameFile column. For the full thing, check out MTVNews.com)

The last time I was a video game judge, I carried a gavel, gave it to a chimp to nibble on and wound up on national TV doing the hula atop a special exercise step machine called the Wii Balance Board.

So when I was asked to be a video game judge again, I said, "Sure." The last time I was judging games, I was doing it as a so-called Game Critic at the big E3 games show. This new opportunity would allow me to help select the best up-and-coming computer games for this year's Independent Games Festival in March. It was a good offer. The IGF contest is the top American competition for independent computer games and has honored many games I've enjoyed, including "Braid," "Narbacular Drop" and "Everyday Shooter." Plus, with no hula games apparently on the nomination list, I could play everything I was judging while sitting.

Or so I thought.

It turns out that you can't play a mash-up of "Super Mario Bros." and "Guitar Hero" without standing up.

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