Forget 'Game Of The Year' -- Introducing The 2007 'GOTGOTY' [UPDATED]

GOGOTY Mash-Up -- Apologies To Acitivision, Nintendo and 2K(UPDATE: More Outlets Added)

Are you also tired about reading other people's 2007 Game Of The Year lists?

Do you yearn to learn something of greater significance?

Well then I'd like to tell you what the Game Of The Game Of The Year is for 2007. See, in gaming, all accolades are measured as averages. So it is with Metacritic. So it is with the GOTGOTY. It matters not what any single outlet chose as the 2007 Game Of They Year winner was. It matters what, on average, they picked as GOTY.

You will find that out below. And then you will commend us on the wisdom of this new system.

So never mind that everyone isn't done naming their GOTYs. I am sorry, Game Developers Choice awards, but I can't wait until late February. I apologize, Interactive Achievement Awards. Early February is too soon as well. My best wishes to the Game Critics Game Of The Year Awards, for which even I participated. EGM, I'm sure you'll announce your winners someday.

But time's up and the law of averages is kicking in.

So, which 2007 video game was awarded GOTY status the most times? It was a close call...

The 2007 GOTY Winners

The Associated Press picked: "BioShock"

Destructoid picked: "BioShock"

Gamasutra picked: "Portal"

Game Daily picked: "Call of Duty 4"

Game Informer: "BioShock"

Gamepro picked: "Call of Duty 4"

Gamespot picked: "Super Mario Galaxy"

Gamespy picked: "Call of Duty 4"

Game Trailers picked: "Super Mario Galaxy"

IGN picked: "Super Mario Galaxy"

Joystiq picked: "Portal"

Kotaku picked: "Super Mario Galaxy"

The Los Angeles Times picked: "BioShock"

The Rocky Mountain News' Brian Crecente (aka editor of Kotaku) picked: "Call of Duty 4"

MTV Games picked: "Super Mario Galaxy"

MTV News (aka me) picked: "Desktop Tower Defense"

The New York Times picked: "Mass Effect"

Playboy picked: "BioShock"

The San Francisco Chronicle picked: 'BioShock"

The Spike TV Video Game awards picked: "BioShock"

Time magazine picked: "Halo 3"

UGO -- just barely -- picked: "BioShock"

X-Play picked: "BioShock"

Yahoo picked: "Super Mario Galaxy"


Tally that up. Notice which game appeared the most times. That game is... "BioShock." Ladies and gentlemen, that is your GOTGOTY. Anyone who picked anything else... just so you know, your vote was in vain. Mine too.

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