Wii True Confessions - Our Past Month With Nintendo

wiicalendarWhat can you learn about a person by snooping into their Wii?

What can you learn about the Wii and about how people really use the system?

The Nintendo Wii is the only game console I own that logs every minute I spend using it. Maybe my PS3 and 360 do this too, but, if so, they're not showing me the numbers. The Wii's internal calendar does.

So what did the system reveal about me in January? What can you possibly conclude, for example, from a Wii day like the one I had two weekends ago?

Sunday, January 19

"Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn" - 00:15

"Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn" - 00:32

"Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn" - 00:01

"Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn" - 00:03

"Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn" - 00:44

The revealed truth is not just that I'm primarily a weekend Wii player As you will see below, my colleague Jason Cipriano, is, in contrast, clearly a weekday Nintendo gamer. It's also that, honestly, I can't find a "re-load my last save file" button in the Wii strategy role-playing game "Fire Emblem." So every time I mess up in a mission, I re-boot the game. The system thinks I'm starting a new session each time. Fans of the series will take that as proof that, yes, I've sold out and am using the series' new casual Battle Save system. Notice just how much trouble I was having that day, re-booting the game after just one and then three minutes.

But there are such grander answers to be revealed by those who transcribe their Wii calendar. Is the Wii really a system that people buy, play at parties, and then leave dormant? Do system owners primarily play Nintendo-made games on it? Does anyone actually use the Photo Channel? The calendar is not a lie, people.

Check out my and Jason's Wii calendars below. And then try this experiment too. You may just learn something about your Wii -- and about yourself.

Jason Cipriano's Wii January

Tuesday, January 1

Shop channel - 00:02

"Bubble Bobble" - 00:13

Everybody Votes - 00:03

Thursday, January 3

"Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games" - 0:48

"Bubble Bobble" - 00:16

Wednesday, January 22

"Furu Furu Park" - 00:52

Everybody Votes - 00:04

Metroid Prime 3 Preview - 00:01

Friday, January 24

"Bubble Bobble" - 00:17

TOTAL: 156 minutes (Two hours, 36 minutes)


Endless Ocean

Stephen Totilo's Wii January

Thursday, January 3

Forecast Channel - 00:01

"Zack & Wiki" - 01:52

Friday, January 5

"Zack & Wiki" - 03:37

Saturday, January 6

"Zack & Wiki" - 00:59

Forecast Channel - 00:01

Friday, January 11

"Zack & Wiki" - 00:48

Saturday, January 12

"Zack & Wiki" - 02:08

Sunday, January 13

"Zack & Wiki" - 01:13

"Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn" - 00:36

Forecast Channel - 00:01

Wednesday, January 16

"Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn" - 01:30

Friday, January 18

"Endless Ocean" - 02:15

"Endless Ocean" - 06:33 [NOTE: This was me leaving the game on pause for a looong time]

"Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn" - 01:30

"Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn" - 00:17

"Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn" - 00:26

Saturday, January 19

"Endless Ocean" - 01:03

"Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn" - 01:04

"Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn" - 00:06

"Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn" - 00:12

"Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn" - 00:12

Sunday, January 19

"Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn" - 00:15

"Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn" - 00:32

"Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn" - 00:01

"Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn" - 00:03

"Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn" - 00:44

Monday, January 20

"Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn" - 00:33

"Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn" - 00:43

"Endless Ocean" - 01:09

"Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn" - 00:25

"Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn" - 00:51

"Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn" - 00:09

"Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn" - 00:58

Friday, January 25

Forecast Channel - 00:01

TOTAL: 1905 minutes (31 hours, 45 minutes)


OK, folks. Jason and I have gotten that off our chests. Now you know how we spend our Wii time. Don't you thank you should confess too?

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