Totilo Games Played In 2007 - The PSP List

PataponThis is the eighth in a series of posts about the games I played and/or finished for fun for the first time in 2007. For comparisons' sake, see my 2006 list. My previous post in the series was about the PlayStation Network games I played.

The long sordid saga about the games I played in 2007 is almost over. We now reach the two major portables, and, as I've noted before, my PSP stayed dormant for much of the year. Nevertheless, it finished the year strong.

It's just that... well... it was an odd PSP year for me. The best games I played on the system were either released in 2006 or will be in 2008. Strange, no?

My PSP Games I Played For Fun 2007 Playlist

(Games I finished are in italics)

1) "Beats"

This was the first and so far only game I have downloaded to my PSP using Sony's official store. (And, no, I have not downloaded any old games onto my system illegally, just some homebrew on my original fat PSP. Am I the only PSP owner in that category?)

2) "Crush"

Champions of obscure games, this is where you and I part ways. I loved the "Crush" concept: navigating a world that is can be crushed from 3D to 2D and expanded back to 3D. I wanted to love the game. I didn't. I didn't care for the narrative and found the controls inelegant. I would happily try a refined sequel, if ever there was one.

Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops3) "Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops"

This game sports what may be my favorite use of online in any game. Since I'm not a big fan of head-to-head online multiplayer (I know, I know), this game's options suited me just fine. I could use the PSP's WiFi to war-drive my system into different Internet hot-spots and digitally sniff out unique soldiers who could enhance my squad. I picked up some good soldier's near my father-in-law's house in Georgia, for example. (Read about that and more in a series of articles about my exploits with the game from one year ago.) Even better, I could dispatch some of my soldiers into online battles where they would find soldiers dispatched by other PSP owners. We couldn't control these battles. They would happen somewhere in the ether. A day after I dispatched them I would call them back to see how they did. Some would be dead. Some would have hostages. Look how much I'm writing about this again! I just loved it.

4) "Patapon"

This game comes out in February, but I got a preview build from Sony that seemed to have everything that the game will ship with. I willfully surrendered 20 hours to this game over the recent Christmas break, nearly incapable of even thinking about playing anything else. Did I know that I needed to play a rhythm war strategy game some time in my life? No, but I'm so glad that I did.

5) "Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice"

I'm a sucker for "Pursuit Force" games. This sequel will be officially released in the U.S. later this month. It's my current game for subway rides.

6) "Puzzle Quest"

Ratchet And Clank: Size Matters7) "Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters"

Bring on "Secret Agent Clank"

8 ) "SOCOM: Tactical Strike"

I rather enjoyed "Full Spectrum Warrior" on the original Xbox, so I was expecting to get hooked on this. I didn't. It's solid, but the impression I got was that it didn't offer anything spectacular. Am I missing something? It seems like a lot of effort went into it, and I'd like to appreciate it.


That's it for PSP. I know I missed "Final Fantasy Tactics." I will try to get to it. Did I skip anything else from 2007 that is a must-play?

Not So Dramatic Calculations

In 2006 I played 102 games for fun and finished 21.

As of this, the eighth of nine posts, the 2007 stats are 96 played; 28 finished.

I broke my finished games mark. Did I break my total games played mark? What do you think?

Check back soon for the final post in this series, a round-up of all the DS games I played for fun last year.