Totilo Games Played In 2007 - The Xbox Live Arcade List

Pac-Man Championship EditionThis is the sixth in a series of posts about the games I played and/or finished for fun for the first time in 2007. For comparisons' sake, see my 2006 list. My previous post in the series was about the Wii games I played.

I'm sure it's clear by this point to Multiplayer readers that I played a lot of games in 2007. Most of them, to be quite honest, were mailed to me for free by gaming companies.

Nevertheless, my favorite way to get games was through the Xbox 360's automatic-download service, which put a demo of a new Xbox Live Arcade game just about once a week.

Just because a new game showed up on my system each week doesn't mean I tried them all. These are the ones I played for fun at home on my Xbox 360:

My XBLA Games I Played For Fun 2007 Playlist

(Games I finished are in italics)

1) "Aegis Wing"

A bunch of interns made it. I have to show some support for something like that.

2) "Alien Hominid"

3) "Asteroids Deluxe"

4) "Battlestar Galactica"

Mark me down as someone who fell for buying a game because they liked the license. This was as uninformed a purchase as I've ever made.

5) "Boom Boom Rocket"

everyextendextraexteme6) "Every Extend Extra Extreme"

7) "Jetpac Refueled"

I saw some people writing on the Internet that this game was just for nostalgic British gamers. That's not why I got it. I got it because it reminded me of my favorite part of "Donkey Kong 64."

8 ) "Lumines Live"

mutantstormempire9) "Mutant Storm Empire"

This was my second-favorite XBLA game of the year. It's a sequel to the fine "Mutant Storm Reloaded," which came out in the shadow of "Geometry Wars Retro Evolved" in late 2005. Poor "Mutant Storm," it's always released when people are buzzing about other twin-stick shooters (this year, those shooters were at least on another console -- the PS3).

10) "Pac-Man Championship Edition"

Ah. My favorite XBLA game of the year, and the only game I've ever enjoyed that I was grateful for running on a timer (the first "Pikmin" almost shares that honor). Five minute doses are probably all that are safe for me to consume of this excellent re-mix of the classic game.

11) "Switchball"


That's my list, the first one in this series that didn't include any games I completed. But these aren't really the kinds of games you finish. Readers, let me know if I missed any key XBLA games from '07.

Not So Dramatic Calculations

In 2006 I played 102 games for fun and finished 21.

As of this, the sixth of nine posts, the 2007 stats are 80 played; 24 finished.

I broke my finished games mark. Did I break my total games played mark? What do you think?

Check back soon for the next post in this series, a round-up of all the PSN games I played for fun last year.