Real Life 'Super Mario Galaxy' -- A Possible Glimpse

no_mario_1_281×211.jpgYesterday morning one of my co-workers sent me a note about a Digg link to a so-called "Real Life Super Mario Galaxy." I may have been busy, but this was something I couldn't resist clicking.

What I saw were dozens of photos, all the work of Paris-based photographer Alexandre Duret-Lutz, who writes on his Flickr page that he's been taking these kinds of shots since 2006. He calls this photo series "Wee Planets."

I shot Duret-Lutz an e-mail, asking him if he'd heard of the "Super Mario Galaxy" comparisons, and if that game had served as an inspiration.

rw_mario_4_281×211.jpgHe wrote me back last night, saying: "Sorry. I've heard the name of that game a couple of times, but so far

I've never tried to check it out. I'm not really interested in video games."

Fair enough, my friend. When you're doing work this cool, you probably don't have time to play video games.

But we here at the MTV Multiplayer blog do have time for video games. I asked our crack production team to test something out. Could the "real life" part of the Digg headline really apply? Could these images really serve as a foundation for a "Real Life Super Mario Galaxy"?

RealLifeSuperMarioGalaxyThe answer came as a picture.

(Click the image for a larger view.)

Now I know Mario still doesn't look that real. But you get the idea. Something to look forward to on a Wii 2 or a 3wii?

All spherical panorama images on this page are the work of Alexandre Duret-Lutz. See more of his "Wee Planets" series here.

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