'Assassin's Creed' DS Not Vaporware, But Still Mostly A Mystery

GameStop's AC DS BoxartI finished "Assassin's Creed" yesterday, happy, pleased, and hungry for more. I've been telling people for weeks that the game is a fantastic short-session game masquerading as an epic. Playing it in short bursts may be your best way to enjoy it.

But how about some more "AC"?

The game has sold millions of copies and a sequel that will address the first game's cliffhangers is certainly underway.

On top of that, if GameStop is to be believed, there is an "Assassin's Creed DS" game coming out in less than a month. The retailer's website also provides these facts:

  • Developed specifically for the DS by Gameloft
  • Master swordfights, stealth assassinations, combo attacks, and a variety of weapons
  • Pull off amazing acrobatic moves and explore a fully 3D-rendered medieval world"

But the game was not listed in a recent Ubisoft e-mail promoting a press event for the company's upcoming titles. And I haven't seen previews for it anywhere. Uh-oh. I had started to think this game was vaporware, and nothing seemed to contradict that.

I started asking around. And we all know what happened last time I did this: Sony's promised 2007 "Little Big Planet" demo went and vanished.

A Ubisoft rep told me today that the company has no announcements about the game at this time. Fair enough. I will check again at the press event next week.

But if I were a betting man, I'd count on the game still coming out next month. We will be playing it on the DS, just not exactly on the fifth.

What exactly is the game? How does it play? What moments does it cover? How will they explain why the Animus is now controlled by a DS stylus? Mysteries abound. I can just confirm that the game is coming next month. I wonder what it will actually be.