My Weekend 'Zelda' Toy Haul

zelda_281.jpgThere really is no better way to spend a Saturday night in the city than dragging my girlfriend around New York's Lower East Side looking for video game toys.

While she may have gotten little out of the experience, I was able to find this great little collection of "The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess" action figures. I try my best to stay up on Japanese gaming toys as they are released, at least for import, but I hadn't seen these come up at all, so I had to make them mine.

My haul included four 4" posable figures: Link, Princess Zelda, the Usurper King Zant and a Wolf Link/ Midna combo. The set ran me $30 at (the store's name is actually a web address - it's so late 90's). While, they might not the highest quality, they are all really well done. They appear to be officially licensed from Nintendo by Yujin, and are part of the SR Series (the rest of the little booklet that came with the set is in Japanese). As an added bonus, the Link figure can hold his sword and shield in either hand, and you can have the figure represent your preferred version of the game.

They have a high level of detail for all of the characters will look great collecting dust on my shelf with my multitude of other game-related toys and tchotchkes, only to be taken down and played with when I feel like acting out the final GameCube "Zelda" game.

Hit the jump for a full gallery of images of the figures.

 img_1774.jpg img_1775.jpg img_1777.jpg img_1778.jpg img_1779.jpg img_1781.jpg img_1783.jpg img_1784.jpg img_1782.jpg 

(The pixel art toy in the last image is not included in the set, it's just there for a little perspective on how far Link has come.)