The Week In Multiplayer - Totilo's '07 Playlist, The Wii Games Flood, Learning From 'Lost'

ripped_photo1.jpgHappy New Year! Multiplayer is back from the holiday break. See what we did during the short work week:

* Multiplayer head honcho Stephen Totilo rounded up his list of games that he played (for fun) in 2007. Check out his thoughts so far, categorized by platform: the Xbox 360, the PS3, the PC/cell phone/iPod and even the PS2 and Xbox. More platforms to come next week!

* Totilo also discovered that, in January at least, the Nintendo drought turned into the Nintendo flood. He spoke with Minneapolis-based game publisher Destineer about their slew of Wii titles coming out this month and in 2008.

* Our resident jaded cynic Jason Cipriano lays down the things the video games industry needs to leave behind in '07... like countdown clocks, "Halo 3," the PS2 and a certain love affair between two game journalists...

* Totilo's latest Video Game Safari has him wondering what the popular TV series "Lost" is trying to say about games and gamers.

* I asked the makers of "Soldier of Fortune: Payback" why they advertised the low violence option on the box. The game's producer Dan Gniady explained the game's gruesome bloodshed.

* I confessed to friend, co-worker and one-time co-op game partner Jason Mitchell that I finished "Crackdown" without him. Was I wrong? Read what we both had to say about the situation...