Totilo Games Played In 2007 - The PlayStation 3 List

Heavenly SwordThis is the third in a series of posts about the games I played and/or finished for fun for the first time in 2007. For comparisons' sake, see my 2006 list. My previous post in the series was about PC/Mobile/iPhone games I played.

Okay, PS3 fans, this is your chance to see what I played on what I believe is the largest video console ever built. This list does not include PSN or PS2 titles that I played on the machine. Nor does it include "Mess-Around-With-The-Machine's-Touch-Sensitive-Buttons," which is kind of fun in its own right, especially while dusting the thing.

And do note that this list is shorter than my list for the 360, but almost completely devoid of first-person-shooters. The PS3 is kinder and gentler.

But please, PlayStation fans, tell me what gems I missed.

My PS3 Games I Played For Fun 2007 Playlist

(Games I finished are in italics)

1) "The Eye of Judgment"

If you make a game with an eccentric peripheral set-up I will play it. I may not play it long. But I will play it.

2) "Folklore"

It looked great, but played really slowly. And seemed to be full of backtracking. This is the kind of game I would go back and play if there was a cheat code that just let me have all the Folks from the start. I'd just like to see them; not have to earn them.

3) "Formula One Championship Edition"

4) "Heavenly Sword"

Other than "Portal," which wasn't sold on disc on its own, this was the shortest console game I played all year. It also had one of the most trying end-bosses I faced in 2007 (up there with "God Hand"'s). It was also a welcome example of Sony's attempt to fill 2007 with original games. I appreciate that.

Lair5) "Lair"

Yes, I beat this game. And you probably didn't. I've yet to meet a fellow "Lair" completer, which is too bad. If you own this game or even rent it, finish it so that you can unlock the commentary. Some fascinating things are said about the making of this adventure, particularly in the first and final audio tracks. Plus, there is some good stuff that's been overlooked about this game. For instance: the concept of the desert level is actually quite good -- fly over dunes, following vegetation to reach a water source, rather than some on-screen arrow.

6) "MotorStorm"

I kept driving off the edge of a cliff.

7) "Ninja Gaiden: Sigma"

This game kicked my butt on the original Xbox, in which I did not pass the skeleton boss. I started the PS3 version, but then they announced a sequel.

8 ) "Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction

Once I start playing a "Ratchet" game, I have trouble stopping. I always finish them -- with haste. Leveling up over-powered weapons is always great fun. But is it a problem that I have no favorite planets/levels in the "Ratchet" series? That most of them blur together? How can something so fun feel so similar; how can something full of such similarity feel so fun? Of all the "Ratchet" games I've played only two levels stand out: the opening level of "Going Commando" and the Secret Agent Clank level in… which one? That level seems to have spawned an entire 2008 PSP game.

9) "Resistance: Fall of Man"

This entry is a technicality. I first played the game for fun in 2006. But I didn't finish it until 2007. There will be a few more like this for other platforms.

Uncharted10) "Uncharted: Drake's Fortune"

I bailed out a couple of hours in after I got tired of having to shoot enemies many, many times before they died. But people keep telling me to go back. And the Joystiq podcast guys keep saying the game turns into "Doom" which is such an odd comment -- given that "Uncharted" is not a first-person-shooter -- that I will have to see just what they're talking about.

I just realized that I finished 40% of the games I played for fun on the PS3. That's a high ratio. And more numbers follow…

Dramatic Calculations

In 2006 I played 102 games for fun and finished 21.

As of this, the third of nine posts, the 2007 stats are 37 played; 11 finished.

Did I break my 2006 mark?

Check back later this week for the next post in this series, a round-up of all the PS2 and Xbox games I played for fun last year.