Nine Things The Video Games Industry Should Leave In 2007

ripped_photo.jpgA lot of people see the beginning of a new year as a chance to start over, make themselves better, and resolve to do certain things throughout the new year. One might call these plans "resolutions" if people could actually stick to them.

One group of people that might do well by setting forth some resolutions for the new year is the video game industry. There are a small handful of things that the industry as a whole could really benefit from leaving in 2007, making 2008 really live up to the hype. Let's take a look at the list.

The Phrase "Next-Gen"

Ladies and gentlemen, "next-gen" is now. Everyone from PR firms to development studios are still using this phrase. Please, I beg of you, stop using "next-gen" until the PS4, Xbox 4000, and the Nintendo Super Wii are slated for release. Those consoles will officially be "next-gen." The PS3, Wii, and 360 are the current generation of games. Now is the time to accept it.

"Halo 3"

Let's all just agree that the fight is finished. No matter what happens after the end of the credits in "Halo 3," we all should be done with this and move on. If you want to continue playing multiplayer, that's fine, but the marketing blitz, the soda, the Burger King promotion, and everything else that came along to hype this bad boy should all be left in 2007, not to be seen again until "Halo 4" inevitably comes out.

Bad Virtual Console Releases

I am one of Nintendo's biggest Virtual Console supporters, and I have been since day one. It's great because there have been A LOT of games released, including some of the best, and most important games from the last 25 years. However, there have also been a lot of horrible titles released, games that Nintendo should be paying you to download. Games like: "Lunar Pool," "Power Golf," and "Donkey Kong Jr. Math," Let's just hope that Nintendo got all these titles out of their system in 2007, and left only the good stuff for 2008.

Game Delays

It's time for the video games industry to start being honest with the consumers. Please stop putting release dates on games, only to have them pushed back time and time again. You're just getting peoples' hopes up, and then crushing them, over and over again. No one company is guilty of this on their own, however, when certain companies do it, it stings a little bit more than others … Nintendo and Konami, I'm looking at you.

Countdown Clocks

There is nothing more depressing than watching your life actually tick away in front of you as you wait for what could be anything from a game announcement, to a new website, to the release of a highly touted, critically acclaimed new game. I think I've made myself very clear in the past about my feelings on countdown clocks, and enough is enough.

Japan-Only Releases

Just because a game might not sell as well in the United States is no reason for it to only be released in its country of origin. The Land of the Rising Sun gets all the good games. Ok, so the games might not necessarily be good, but they usually tend to be a bit wackier than the ones that see U.S. release. Don't believe me, just check out the Club Nintendo exclusives "Tingle's Balloon Fight" and "Exclamation Warriors." I'm still waiting on Wii Fit in order to work off this holiday (who am I kidding) year long flab.

The PlayStation 2

Sony, I really hate to break it to you, but the glory days are over. Please put an end to the little black box that made you so much money, and lay in the bed that you have made with the PS3. And, while you are laying there, ask yourself these questions: Was not killing off the PS2 a major factor in the PS3 not moving as many units as expected? Should you maybe have cut off support for the PS2 and forced developers to switch over to working on games for the PS3 so people might actually have a reason to go out and buy your console? What's the meaning of life?

711 selling Video Games

It only happened once, with "Halo 3," but once was more than enough. Although the service may have actually been better than most Gamestops, there is just something not right about being able to purchase a slurpee and a video. Let's see it that this never happens again.

Totilo and N'Gai's Love Affair

Hey guys, we get it. You're two of the most respected video game journalists, and you're friends. You even have each other's personal emails. Last year you managed to email each other longer conversations than I've had with my own mother in years, film yourselves arguing about how hot Princess Peach is, and even take this love affair to a whole other site. As far as gamers go, we love you both, but perhaps 2008 is the year you give more attention to your significant others, than each other.