Totilo Games Played In 2007 - The PC, Cell Phone and iPod List

Enemy TerritoryThis is the second in a series of posts about the games I played and/or finished for fun for the first time in 2007. For comparisons' sake, see my 2006 list. The previous post in the series was about my Xbox 360 games.

I love video games. There, I said it. I was never very good at hiding that, was I? I love games, and I try to play them as often as I can. I will try any video game that at least one person tells me is worth playing. I'll play anything.

And I get angry (no exaggeration) with people who won't try games I push on them.

So who am I to report that in 2007, across the spectrum of computer games, cell phone games and games on the iPod, the number of games I played for fun was… six.

Six. Only three of them were computer games.

Where did I go wrong?

This is coming from someone who was hurt when a Multiplayer reader calling himself/herself KKdsf4 called me a "console boy."KK said this while hoping that I was joking when I wrote that "BioShock" was just a re-mix of "Metal Gear Solid 2". Yeah, I was kidding. Yeah, I heard of "System Shock 2." Uh, no, I didn't play it.

Because, see, the machines best suited to run games in my home are my gaming consoles. And the machines best suited to run games in my hand when I'm on the go are my DS and PSP (my phone is primitive; so said the man in Radio Shack who interrupted my New York - Denver chat with the one and only Brian Crecente a couple of weeks ago, just so he could try to up-sell me to a decent handset).

Perhaps KK was right. Perhaps I am a "console boy."

CrysisSo even though I technically played a bunch of PC games this year, very few of them make my list. Yes, I had the opportunity to punch trees in "Crysis" at one press event in 2007 and then get killed by falling boulders in "Crysis" at another. But I didn't actually play "Crysis" at home. And therefore I can't put it on my for-fun list. Nor did I play "World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade" (I did at Blizzcon 2005, but that so clearly does not count). Bill Roper played "Hellgate" in front of me for about 90 minutes in 2007. Doesn't count either. Nor does my time with the "Company of Heroes" sequel since my home computer couldn't even load the original game which I've felt guilty about not playing for the past 12 months or so.

Ah, so here it is:

My PC Games I Played For Fun 2007 Playlist

(Games I finished are in italics)

1) " Desktop Tower Defense"

Yes, indeed. My computer can run a web browser, so my computer can run this fine game. I've written about it plenty. I named it my Game Of The Year. I played it an absurd number of hours.

2) "Enemy Territory: Quake Wars"

I installed it. Played two missions. Got tired of my home computer chugging. Played it at work on my somewhat better machine there. Then stopped.

Invalid Tangram3) "Invalid Tangram"

I played this mash-up of "Galaga" and "Tetris" at the Independent Games Festival in March of 2007 and liked it enough that I downloaded it at work and goofed off playing it some more. I also wrote about it.

*Important Asterisk: Unlike Mr. Bonds, I would like to have an asterisk applied to my performance in 2007. I did play a few other really fun games at the IGF in March, like the karaoke platformer "Opera Slinger," but I think games I played only at the festival don't qualify as being played "for fun."

I also played nine other PC games as part of my judging work for the 2008 IGF, but those aren't released yet, so I'm not counting them. Also unreleased is "Braid" which I played extensively on my computer thanks to the generosity of the game's designer, Jonathan Blow, but I won't count it until I write my 2008 list, and, at that, will likely include it in the Xbox Live Arcade section.

As much as I shirked the PC, I shunned the cell phone even more. There is documented proof at the MTV News site that I was at least trying to understand the joys of cell phone gaming in 2007. But alas…

My Cell Phone Games I Played For Fun 2007 Playlist

(Games I finished are in italics)

1) "Rollercoaster Rush"

Pretty poor showing on my part, right? Cell phone people, what did I miss that would have been cool on my little bottom-of-the-barrel cell phone?

Slightly out-performing cell-phones is my gaming playlist on Apple's famous music device -- make that, my wife's Apple-made music device. (I only have an old game-hating Nano).

My iPod Games I Played For Fun 2007 Playlist

(Games I finished are in italics)

Musika1) "Musika"

2) "Phase"

Shocker of shockers, I played two music games on that music device. Maybe I'd be more likely to play a game on my cell phone if the game involved the act of phoning. Does that make sense? Or is that just a terrible excuse?

What's the verdict? Am I truly just a "console boy"? The above lists are hard to deny. I mean, one of them isn't even a list, really, since it has just one item. But I picked "DTD" as GOTY!

Come on now… What did I miss that I was capable of playing on my low-end machines?

Dramatic Calculations

In 2006 I played 102 games for fun and finished 21.

As of this, the second of nine posts, the 2007 stats are 27 played; 7 finished.

Did I break my 2006 mark?

Check back tomorrow for the next post in this series, a round-up of all the PS3 games I played for fun last year.