Introducing The MTV Rhythm Game Track Finder -- The Definitive Search Engine For 'Rock Band,' 'Guitar Hero,' And Dozens More

mtvrhythmgametrackfinder.jpgWe here at the Multiplayer blog would like to think that some of the best ideas come at moments of crisis.

One such crisis that afflicted at least one of us in late 2007 involved that time-worn question:

"Hold up. Which Metallica songs are on which versions of Guitar Hero and Rock Band again?"

How does one answer such a question? By scouring press releases? Not anymore. That's so 2007.

In 2008, the team at MTV Games (and we here at the blog) are proud to present to you the MTV Rhythm Game Track Finder, your beacon in the confusing swirl of rhythm games. (Commit it to memory:

This regularly updated database will allow you to search any artist and any song to find out which rhythm games it is in and to compare song lists for any major music-based video game.

Why is the MTV Track Finder right for you?

  • Perhaps you want to know which games will let you rock out like Aerosmith? Or want to know if My Chemical Romance, Nirvana or Bob Dylan is in a rhythm game (you'll never guess which one Dylan is in!). Then scour the Track Finder.
  • You might want to know which of the many "Guitar Hero" games has the best playlist for you. Go to Track Finder.
  • Want to brag to your friends that the rhythm game you bought has more or better songs than the one they did? Arm yourself with Track Finder.
  • Do you need to know if the song you heard on "Rock Band" or "Boogie" is a master or cover? And which ones are download-only? The Track Finder tells.

The database we've created currently indexes song lists for more than two dozen rhythm games, including a range of "SingStars," "Guitar Hero"s, "Dance Dance Revolutions," "Rock Band," and lesser-known favorites such as "FreQuency," "Elite Beat Agents" and the "Donkey Konga" series.

We believe the MTV Rhythm Game Track Finder is the first of its kind. Let us know what you like and what more you want. And we'll keep you posted as tracks get added.