Michael Jackson, Journey And Other Musical Acts Responsible For Questionable Games

MTV News reporter and chief humorist James Montgomery filed a story yesterday about the sad history of video games backed by the world's greatest musicians.

What's more, he has done the world a service by finding a trio of treasures from the MTV vaults.

Watch these vintage reports/clips on the Journey, Michael Jackson and Aerosmith games.

Check out an excerpt from his article:

"Michael Jackson's Moonwalker"

Sega, 1990

The King of Pop throws on a zoot suit; battles an insidious, moon-based drug dealer; and rescues captive children with his "dance magic," all while shooting sparks from his hands, tossing his fedora like a boomerang and repeatedly hollering "Wooo!" He has the ability to transform into a giant, indestructible robot and can pilot a high-tech spacecraft. Though we're talking about the plot of a game released more than 15 years ago, there is roughly a 75 percent chance that this exact scenario is running through Michael's head right now.

In theory, "Moonwalker" is based on the video for MJ's "Smooth Criminal," only, you know, it's so much more. You guide Jackson through five generic levels ("Club," "Street," "Woods"), twirling and kicking at suited baddies and saving small children, while awesomely MIDI-ed versions of his greatest hits play in the background. After doing this for an indeterminate amount of time, Jackson then takes control of a spaceship and engages in a dogfight with the nefarious Mr. Big, the drug dealer who has captured all the kids and is now trying to destroy the earth with a giant laser cannon.

If it sounds mind-melting, well, it is, not to mention that practically everything in "Moonwalker" is made 10,000 times creepier given the, uh, last 15 years of Jackson's life. And all of that makes playing it an experience unlike anything ever before. Which, when you think about it, is actually about as close to a recommendation as you're gonna get on this list.

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