Watch MTV Argue Video Games Against Smart People (And Lose?) -- The 'Metagame' Videos

Not sure what to do at lunch time today? We've got something good for you to watch, though a bit unusual and not without controversy. And of all the things I've worked on for Gamer's Week, it's my favorite. Here's the tease...

What if you could win points for it in a game about arguing about video games?That's what 'The Metagame' is about.I saw one performed at GDC earlier this year and have been wanting to show a session to MTV viewers ever since. I participated in a running of the game hosted by its creators Eric Zimmerman and Frank Lantz two weeks ago and had a great time.So did Tim Kash and I pull out a win?

Scroll on down for the rest of the segments, including everyone's favorite -- the third round arguments about which games are sexier than the others. Do you agree that "Virtua Fighter" is sexier than "Super Mario 64."

(For extra reading and debating, a full list of the gaming opinions that we debated can be found here).

The opening arguments, including one of the game's most controversial moments:

To be honest, MTV producers and I were worried that any questions about "randomness" in games would make for dull arguments. Not so! See here...

Ahhh. The infamous sexiness arguments. Let's hope my wife doesn't watch this one.

The end-game, including the toughest argument of them all... the final question.