My Achievements Quest, Gamer's Week, and YOU!

xbox.jpgThe march towards 20,000 achievement points before "Super Smash Bros. Brawl" comes out is well on its way.

I scored 880 points this week, breaking 30,000 points  and ending at 30,220. That is a pretty significant milestone for me, since it previously took me a lot longer to break 10 and 20,000 points. "Call of Duty 4" and "Scene It? LCA" were my games of choice this week, helping me along my journey.

I could regale you with stories from the modern warfare front, or talk to you about how the Xbox "big-button controllers" are actually pretty fun, but, it's Gamer's Week here at MTV (coincidentally, one of the reasons that my overall scoring numbers have dropped in the past couple week), and this week really shouldn't be all about me. It should be about you guys, the gamers.

I want to know how your achievement quests are going, or just how many points you have. Think achievements (and subsequently my quest) are dumb? Let your voice be heard. Or just let us know what your proudest achievement so far in your Xbox career. It's been almost two years since the first achievement points were scored. There have to be some highlights.

For example, just this past week, oVo Pandora oVo was the first female gamer to break 100,000 achievement points. Right now, StripClubDj and Sufoor are currently tied at the top of the leader boards for first place with 237,355 points each. In the last month, Knuckles Dawson broke his year and a half long streak of scoring an achievement point a day.

I started this quest with only one thing in mind: being able to play "Super Smash Bros. Brawl" with an adequate amount of achievement points so that no one I work with would surpass me when my 360 becomes neglected. At this point, I feel safe to say that isnt really a concern of mine any more, since I currently have more points than the rest of the MTV games team combined. Check out how you stack up against the MTV Video Games team.

Jason Cipriano: jaded cynic: 30,220

Stephen Totilo: StephenMTV: 3,775

Tracey John: Cysquatch: 8,415

Jason Mitchell: EdgarAllanPoo: 16,405

Gerald Flannory: oneCoolKat: 680


Next week my quest goes on, hopefully not hindered by the release of "Super Mario Galaxy."