Answered: The Multiplayer Photo Quiz — Did You Spot The Face Of A Gamer?

nullYou stared. You played. You answered. You took the Multiplayer photo quiz.

And now it is late Tuesday and you're getting the answers.

Who was really playing and who was the faker? I can't tell you about the woman in that Target ad. But I can tell you about the 10 photos in the quiz.

Some people thought this quiz was about which people are real gamers. Nope. It was just about whether you can tell what someone playing games looks like. We tried to fool you in a few; we played it straight in others. Almost no one got #4 wrong. Many people were tripped up by #2. The most controversial was #5.

Regular readers of the Multiplayer blog had a leg up. Photos 1, 5, 7 and 10 were all taken from earlier posts featuring, respectively, Shigeru Miyamoto, MTV's James Montomgery, MTV's Gerald Flannory, and me.

Of the people who posted answers on Multiplayer or on Joystiq,the worst (though funniest) showing was Brendan's 30% correct ballot. And the winner? That goes to the near-psychic 90%-accurate Sneakypants. Take a bow, Sneaky.

And to those who thought this was a trick... that everyone pictured was either playing or faking? That's not my style.

Click through to find the truth behind all 10 photos, to discover what these folks were really doing. Each photo now links to a bigger image that explains all.