First Multiplayer Photo Quiz -- Can You Spot The Face Of A Gamer? (UPDATE: Answers Now Online)

(Update: Answers to this quiz are now online at this link.)

Is the woman in the billboard to the left really playing PlayStation 3?

Or is she faking?

Up until last week I looked at that woman every work day, wondering exactly that. She was plastered on a six-story billboard, selling something for Target, something that required the innate sense of fun that emanates from anyone holding a Sixaxis PS3 controller.

But I think she was faking.

We here at the Multiplayer blog have used that photo for inspiration. We've heard the jokes, the comments, and the complaints from friends, family and significant others about gamers who are hypnotized in front of their gaming console, staring blankly, not answering questions.

So we've wondered: Can you really spot the face of a gamer? Does playing video games really instill a telltale facial expression like nothing else?

What follows are 10 photos of people either playing or fake-playing a video game. Today we're showing you the 10 people. You tell us: Who is really playing? Who is faking?

Tomorrow, we will provide the answers.