EXCLUSIVE: Read 'World of Warcraft' Issue #0 Right Here

wowissue0_cover_281.jpgLast month, we posted the first five pages of the brand-new "World of Warcraft" comic, which will be out in stores next week.

The first storyline follows a human who has no memory of his past and becomes enslaved by an orc shaman named Rehgar Earthfury. Writer Walter Simonson told me last month that the book will remain true to the game and appease both longtime "Warcraft" fans as well as newcomers:

"If you're a longtime player, I think the comic is a revelation about some of the mysteries. There are mysteries from the past that have never been totally addressed within the game, or at least we're able to address them in the comic in a way that the game hasn't been able to. ... If you know 'Warcraft,' I'm hoping it will be really cool to find this stuff out. At the same time, as complex as the world is, if you haven't really played the game, you'll learn as much as you need to know to enjoy the story on its own level."

Not convinced? See for yourself with the entire six pages of the online-only "World of Warcraft" Issue #0, exclusive to Multiplayer. You'll also get a little more backstory on the roots of Rehgar Earthfury...

World of Warcraft Issue Zero Coverwowissue0_pg1.jpgwowissue0_pg2.jpgwowissue0_pg3.jpgwowissue0_pg4.jpgwowissue0_pg5.jpgwowissue0_pg6.jpg