Gamecock Endorses Stephen Colbert For President, Other Game Company Support Unknown

gamecock281.jpgWhich presidential candidate should Electronic Arts endorse? Who should Sony back?

Might Konami throw in for Hillary Clinton? Jaleco for Giuliani? (Hey, is Jaleco still around?)

I don't know. But Gamecock, the games publisher  determined to consistently perform the most eccentric publicity stunts, will announce today that they are backing Stephen Colbert for president.

It is just a stunt, of course, an extra flaming-car barrel roll added to Colbert's own stunt campain -- which has been, well, stunted.

With Colbert's efforts shot down in South Carolina, the Austin-based game publisher is encouraging the pretend-pundit to re-launch his campaign in the Lone Star State. Gamecock is offering its home office as a campaign headquarters.

In a statement, Gamecock CEO Mike Wilson explained the reason for the endorsement -- at least the joke reason...

"After conducting extensive polling and scrutinizing all the candidates’ stances on various issues, we came to the conclusion that Stephen Colbert has shown strong leadership and best represents the interests of the videogame playing community ... Stephen Colbert had Will Wright on his show and he pummeled Nancy Pelosi’s Mii in 'Wii Boxing.' These decisive actions have earned our vote."

Every stunt is designed to sell something. What's this one hawking? Gamecock and developer Wideload Game's March 2008 Xbox 360 and PS3 party game "Hail To The Chimp." The game pits animal characters in comedic contests that are designed to determine who the next king of the animal kingdom should be. Details of the game and its candidates are on the official "Hail To The Chimp" site.