"Super Mario Galaxy" On Video Pt 2: A Quick, Crazy World

Nintendo is only permitting the media to show just under five minutes of each game featured at the company's recent media summit that I attended in San Francisco. That's partially why I'm writing so many words about it. Still, with last week's "Smash Brothers" controller tutorial clips and today's "Galaxy" clips, you're getting to see some good stuff.

Hit the part one of today's "Galaxy" material to see a substantial section of the game. Click the video here, however, to see one of the more mind-bending sections. Just to set this up, the game is being demonstrated by Nintendo's Nate Bihldorff. I'm supposed to be helping him with a co-op assist. That means I should be using my Wii remote to wand over stars and to shoot those stars at enemies.

That's not quite what happens: