Multiplayer And 1Up Team-Up For The First Time (Who We All Are)

MultiplayerIt's a crossover of titanic proportions!

Regulars and newcomers to this site, please read on.

Never afraid of being long-winded, I was happy to accept a standing invitation from the guys at to be a guest for their two-hour podcast 1upyours. To listen to me banter with Garnett Lee, Mark MacDonald and John Davison check out the podcast’s official page at (which should be live by 8 or 9PM EST)

I think I did pretty well, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the listeners demand I never come back since I...

a) insulted "Final Fantasy X"

b) suggested we don’t need any more "Zelda" sequels and need more "Zelda" remakes

c) questioned the online plans for "Super Smash Brothers: Brawl"

d) gave a complex explanation of the "Smash" Wii remote-based controls, which may have made them less clear than this does

e) represented Big Media and acted indier-than-thou at the same time

I only regret one thing. Apologies to Gearbox Software that I implied your upcoming "Samba De Amigo" might be a "quick and dirty port." I have no basis for saying that. It was meant to be a more general statement about why developers might take on a surprise side project, but I think it came off like a cheap shot. For all I know you guys are creating the new game from scratch.

What I don't regret is the likelihood that the podcast will bring a few new people to Multiplayer.

To those of you who are visiting for the first time, welcome. We strive to cover video games in original ways that respect the values of what gamers really care about. What's that mean?

Click around and you'll see that we can be brainy, we can convince important people to properly pronounce words like "Fils-Aime" and "Ubisoft," we can be obsessed with Achievements, and we can dismantle "Guitar Hero" guitars like nobody's business. You'll find lots to read and watch on this site, and we've only been running at full steam for about a month.

So sorry, Garnett, the Multiplayer blog isn't showing music videos. Settle, instead for stuff like this.