The $13.37 Gamer: BK "Viva Piñata" Toys

1337gamer_viva.jpgLet’s hope this is the most unhealthy $13.37 Gamer ever, because as much as I like fast food, every now and then my chest starts hurting. Anyway, this week’s $13.37 Gamer sends you off to Burger King (or “BK” as all the cool kids are calling it) for lunch, or perhaps dinner, to get a questionably awesome Viva Piñata Party Animals” toy. Either way, your friends will be jealous and will want to know where you got your Hudson Horstachio toy with a dreidel fortune spinner inside, all for a whopping 55 cents. Of course, that’s in addition to the cost of a Kid’s Meal, which will cost you $2.87.

So for under $3, you’ll get a nutritious lunch and a video game toy with an added surprise inside. Your new desk flare will be totally worth it. There’s eight different piñatas you can get, with a total of 16 different surprises inside. I know I sound like a walking BK billboard, but if you enjoyed “Viva Piñata,” or think there’s hope for the mini-game riddled “Party Animals,” these toys are worth the trip.

vp1.jpg vp2.jpg

My trip netted me a Gordon Goobaa, with a “Viva Piñata” Viewer inside. The viewer was very Viewfinder-esque with some images of the all the “Viva Piñata” gang hanging out around the farm. I have a feeling that Gordon’s “Viva Piñata” launcher might have been a bit more fun to play with (and by “play with” I mean “annoy the rest of the Games team”), but it doesn’t matter since I passed the toy on to our resident Fudgehog lover anyway.

vp3.jpg vp4.jpg

vp5.jpg vp6.jpg vp7.jpg 

However, if you find yourself at BK and “Viva Piñata” isn’t your cup of tea, then “have it your way” with a limited edition “Halo 3” drink cup. Master Chief might not be drinking out of it, but you sure can feel like a member of the UNSC while you’re chugging that cola. I’m pretty sure I got mine for free, but you might have to buy a drink with yours.


(A special thanks to Sir G for help with the photos)