How A "Sim City Societies" Developer Learned To Let An Oil Company Help Make Her Game

Sim City SocietiesOver at I posted a report about what happens when video games and a giant oil company mix. The result, somehow, is an eco-friendly aspect to the gameplay of "Sim City Societies."

You could go to the News piece and read about just what the BP (formerly British Petroleum) company had to do with EA's "Sim City" spin-off.

Or you could find a story about how the involvement of BP in the game initially really put off the one of the game's developers.

Actually, that's from my article too. So is the question -- answered -- as to why BP didn't get involved in the auto-pollution part of the game.

I think people on all sides of the energy issue might by surprised by this story. And you thought "Chibi-Robo" was the only game that had gone Green.