Help Wanted: A "Halo" Halloween Costume Conundrum

Our writer at workWe welcome guest-writer and MTV News intern Billie Edington to Multiplayer today and hope that you, dear readers, can help her with the kind of problem that occurs only when somebody loves video games ... too... much.

With Halloween fast approaching, college women my age across the country will anxiously begin asking themselves the same questions: Bunny, Devil, or Nurse? In an effort to break away from this stereotype of dressing up by dressing down, I’ve decided to try something new this year but very close to my heart.

I want to be "Halo"'s Master Chief for Halloween.

Given that "Halo 3," released just a few weeks ago, was renowned as one of the most anticipated video games of all time, I assumed this would be an easy task.

But after hours of determined web searches, and shuffling through angel costumes in response to the term “halo,” Master Chief was nowhere to be found. At least, not the way I expected. The only authentic Master Chief costume I discovered was on eBay through a private seller. It had already sold for $21,149, a little out of my budget.

Clearly other "Halo" fans shared my frustration, because blogs were buzzing with inquiries and suggestions about the elusive Master Chief costume. A few linked to this children’s outfit on sale in Australia. (Apparently "Galactic Warriors" are as close as manufacturers are getting to "Halo" Spartans.)

Most blogs were actually suggesting the best, and most accurate way, to begin my Master Chief transformation was to build it myself. This tutorial even showed me how to apply fiberglass cloth to the body armor.

So now I have a dilemma: Should I bide my time and hope someone capitalizes on "Halo"'s success with a generic Master Chief costume? Maybe roll up my sleeves and start building my MJOLNIR armor?

Or should I just admit defeat and start dusting off the old bunny tail?