Gilbert Arenas on "NBA Live," Why The Official "Halo" Sneaker Is Not Green, Why He's Still Playing "Halo 2"

Gilbert Arenas wasn't just nice enough to pass judgment on our Multiplayer blog when I sat down with him last Thursday. He was also kind enough to talk about some video game-themed sneakers he's backing, why "NBA Live 08" is worth buying this year, why "Halo 2" might be better than "Halo 3," and a whole lot more.

Think celebrities don't know their games? Watch the two videos in this post (one is after the jump!) or just check Arenas' "Halo 3" stats.

And here's the second video (or is that third?). Note that the sneaker we're showing is a prototype for Arenas' new line of specialty shoes, which will include two video game-themed shoes. Sadly, I don't have photos of the actual "NBA Live" and "Halo" sneakers. Use your imagination as he describes them.

About "Halo" multiplayer, you heard him right: "'Halo 2' is still better right now because the sniper is faster, the pistol is faster. Everything is slower in 'Halo 3.' It just has better graphics right now." Interesting.